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Naughty Norton!

It would appear that Norton Antivirus is (falsely) recognising Payroll Manager as a virus and is removing the software from some users computers. This may occur when you are running an update or when you are attempting to file a return online. If you have Norton Antivirus installed on your computer and are experiencing this problem then please follow the steps below:

1) Visit the Norton website on the following link, where they have suggested a fix to this problem: False Positive Detection after Norton update

2) Reinstall Payroll Manager from the Downloads section of our website. You should choose the option in the column marked 'Full Download'

Please be aware that this is a problem with NORTON and not with Moneysoft. If you are still experiencing problems then you will need to contact Norton for a solution. The Norton Support phone number is given below:

NORTON SUPPORT: 020 7616 5600

Some users have told us that uninstalling Norton Antivirus completely from their computers has resolved the issue, although obviously they would need some suitable replacement anti virus software in place.

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