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Payroll Manager Prices  

Payroll Manager is available in three versions, depending on the number of companies /employees that you wish to process the payroll for:

Payroll Manager 20 is for a single company, with up to 20 employees / sub-contractors *, and costs £58 + vat.

Payroll Manager 100 is for any number of companies (no limit), each with up to 100 employees / sub-contractors *- cost £116 + vat.

Payroll Manager 250 is for any number of companies (no limit), each with up to 250 employees / sub-contractors * - cost £174 + vat.

Prices are for an annual licence, which includes all updates, telephone and email support.
(*The number of employees / sub-contractors in any one tax year, including leavers).
It is possible to upgrade mid-year by paying the difference in cost between versions.

How to Buy

If you choose to Buy Online Now from our secure ordering site, you can then download and start using the software immediately.

If you prefer to order by phone, call 08456 444 555 with your credit/debit card details to hand. We will normally process your order by the end of the working day.

To order by post, complete the Order Form and post it to us with either a cheque or credit card details attached.

NOTE: All payroll software is supplied via download from our website - we do not supply an installation CD.

System requirements

An Internet connection is required to download the software, for updates throughout the year and to file HMRC returns online.

Payroll Manager is compatible with all versions of Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8. It is NOT designed to work on a MAC.

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