Payroll Useful Links  

01. Gov.UK Earlier Year Update (EYU) File an Earlier Year Update (EYU) using Basic Pay Tools

02. hrmc logo HMRC Employer Bulletin HMRC Employer Bulletin.

2a. hrmc logo P11Db online File a 'nil' P11Db / amend a P11d online (requires a pdf reader)

2b. Gov.UK Late RTI returns and penalties

2c. Gov.UK Correcting payroll payment dates Correcting payroll dates

03. hrmc logo Blank Forms Employer's Orderline - order blank forms (P60s, P45s, P11ds etc.) free of charge

04. hrmc logo Register to file PAYE online Register with HMRC to file your RTI returns online

04a. hrmc logo PAYE/CIS for Agents online service

05. hrmc logo Accounts Office Reference Finding your Accounts Office Reference

06. Gov.UK How to pay HMRC Available payment options for PAYE and NIC  How to pay PAYE and NIC

07. Gov.UK Employers Guidance for Statutory Pay Sick Pay, Maternity Pay, Paternity and Adoption Pay

7a. Gov.UK SSP - Manual calculate your employee's payments SSP - Manual Calculation...

7b. Gov.UK Maternity and paternity calculator for employers Maternity and paternity calculator for employers

08. Gov.UK Employers Further Guide for Payroll CWG2 Employer Further Guide to PAYE and NICs (CWG2)

09. hrmc logo Ordinary Statutory Paternity Pay - Form for Employee (SC3) Form SC3

10. Gov.UK SSP, SMP, SAP, OSPP, ASPP Funding Statutory Pay Funding

11. hrmc logo Expenses & Benefits P11D guide : Expenses & Benefits - a Tax Guide - 480 : Class 1A NIC for Cars and Fuel

12. Gov.UK Employers Helpbooks Index - Employers Helpbooks Index

13. hrmc logo Test the Government Gateway connection - Government Gateway Connection

14. Gov.UK PAYE desktop viewer - view, search and sort PAYE tax code notifications and reminders PAYE Desktop Viewer

15. hrmc logo For individuals - inform HMRC about a change of Name or Address - Inform HMRC about a change of name or address (for individuals)

16. Gov.UK Penalties and Charges for late / inaccurate RTI returns

16a. hrmc logo Order HMRC P60 etc..

16b. hrmc logo PAYE Tax Table Routines

17. hrcs logo NEST - Letter templates Nest - Employer Notices Guide

17a. The Pensions Regulator - Registration checklist Registration Checklist

17b. The Pensions Regulator - No staff to enrol Sole director email

18. hrcs logo HMCS: Attachment of Earnings Orders HMCS: Attachment of Earnings Orders

19. Gov.UK Employment Allowance : up to £2000 off your Class 1 NICs Employment Allowance

20. Gov.UK State Pension Age Calculate the state pension age for male and female employees

21. Gov.UK Gov.UK Guidance on Minimum Wage, Holiday Entitlement, Redundancies etc

22. hrmc logo Pre-Printed Payslips Pre-printed payslip stationary to fit Payroll Manager software