Construction Industry Scheme - CIS  

Contractors have certain obligations under the CIS scheme, including checking whether their subcontractors are registered with HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC), paying subcontractors and submitting monthly returns. Payroll Manager makes each of these processes simple and straightforward.

Online Verifications and CIS 300 monthly returns

Verification requests are submitted online through the program to determine the tax status of a new subcontractor within seconds. Payroll Manager then calculates the amount of deduction to be made from each subcontractor to enable the online submission of the CIS300 at the end of each tax month.

fivestars "Very simple to use. I do my verifications and monthly returns in seconds - it makes my life so much easier!".

Reporting, Analysis and Invoicing

Payroll Manager produces a monthly Payment Certificate for issue to each subcontractor, and can also be used to produce the subcontractors invoice if desired. An optional Pay Advice can be issued to accompany each payment made to a subcontractor. Numerous reports allow for the detailed analysis of many items, such as subs, retentions, CITB levy payments, insurance, fees and holiday pay.

Payroll Manager can be used by CIS contractors with or without PAYE employees.

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