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September 2016

Payroll Manager and NEST pensions

In the latest update to Payroll Manager we have added the 'Approve for payment' NEST web service, which allows you to authorize NEST to collect pension contribution amounts. See the updated NEST guide for more details.

More pension schemes added

Payroll Manager is now able to produce csv output files in the format required by Aegon, Ethika and Wessex pension schemes.

New Guide

A new guide for working with Smart Pension has been added to the Auto Enrolment Support section of our website

June 2016

Information for Payroll Manager users using NEST Pensions

NEST no longer requires you to report the 'Payment Due Date' when uploading contribution information either via csv files or when using NEST 'web services'. For this reason Payroll Manager no longer prompts for the entry of this date when producing NEST upload files.

March 2016 - 2015-16 Year end Payroll

We have recently published a series of guides which take you through the payroll 'Year-end' procedure. These guides also give information about new rules, regulations and software features for 2016-17. See Year end guide 2015-16 for details. You can also access these guides at any time by clicking 'Help - Online - End of year guide' from the main menu in Payroll Manager.

February 2016 - Auto Enrolment - NEST Web Services

If you are using NEST as your Auto Enrolment pension scheme you now have the option of using 'NEST Web Services' to transmit details of pension contributions and new scheme members directly. Please see our updated Guide to NEST pensions for details

December 2015 - Scottish Rate of income tax (SRIT)

New rules come into force in April 2016. Scottish taxpayers will be issued with new tax codes (e.g 'S1100L'). Payroll Manager will be able to handle these new tax codes from April 2016.

November 2015

NEW Guides for Workplace Pensions

  • We have added more guides on setting up Payroll Manager to use with particular pension schemes. We have also produced a guide to help when someone chooses to 'Opt-out' of the workplace pension scheme. See our Auto Enrolment support page for more details, or click 'Pensions - Pensions Help Centre' from the main menu in Payroll Manager.

NEW Features - Workplace pensions and Auto Enrolment:

  • We have added a 'Staging Date' button to the toolbar on the 'Pensions - Assessment' report. This button makes it easier to ensure that the correct pay period is being used for the first employee assessment.
  • The Pensions - Assessment' report now has an additional 'Pay Period' column so that you can double-check which period is being assessed.

An easier way to access support

  • Please be aware that you can click 'Pensions - Pensions Help Centre' from the main menu within Payroll Manager to directly access information and guides on Workplace Pensions & Auto Enrolment.
  • You can also access the many other useful guides we have on general payroll procedures by clicking 'Help - Online - Payroll Manager Support' from the main menu within Payroll Manager.

October 2015 - We have added more guides on setting up Payroll Manager to use with your pension scheme. See our Auto Enrolment support page for more details.

September 2015 - We have made various changes to Payroll Manager to help with Auto Enrolment e.g. It is now possible to produce letters from the software for communicating with workers following the employer's 'staging date'. Our software guides for Auto Enrolment have also been updated to reflect these changes. See our Auto Enrolment support page for more details.

July 2015 - We have published a number of guides to help with Auto Enrolment. See our Auto Enrolment support page for more details.

March 2015 - We have published a number of guides to help with the various year end payroll procedures. See Year end summary for more details.

January 2015 - Payroll Manager is updated at regular intervals throughout the year. Some of these updates introduce new features into the program. We have added a number of new features in the latest software update.

October 2014 The National Minimum Wage has been increased from October 2014. For the latest rates see

October 2014 From 6th October 2014 employers with more than 50 employees that fail to send RTI information on time may be issued with a late filing penalty. For employers with less than 50 employees these new penalties will apply from 6 March 2015. For more information please refer to the following HMRC guidance

October 2014 We have published more videos and guides to help you with some of the everyday payroll tasks including a 'handy tips' guide detailing various time-saving procedures you may not yet have discovered! We are also busy developing Payroll Manager to help with the process of Workplace Pensions Auto Enrolment - more information can be found on the Auto Enrolment page of our website.

October 2014 If you get need help when using Payroll Manager you may find the answer on the support pages of our website. Here you will find a number of useful guides and videos to help you. See Payroll Manager Support for details.

New for 2016-17

Payroll Manager includes the following from 2016-17:

  • NIC changes for Apprentices under 25
  • Payrolling Benefits in Kind (PBIK)
  • New Student Loan types
  • Scottish Rate of Income Tax (SRIT)
  • Increase in Employment Allowance

See our guide New for 2016-17 for more information

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