Payroll Manager New Features 

Details of recently added features and improvements to Payroll Manager can be found below. Clicking 'Help-General Help'' from the main menu in Payroll Manager enables you to search for more information on how to set up and use each new feature.

20 September 2012
- Start getting ready for RTI!
We have just added some extra features to Payroll Manager to help you get ready for RTI filing, which will become mandatory for all employers with less than 5000 employees in April 2013. We have also published our RTI User Information page, which descibes how some of these new features will work.

26 March 2012
- Process Payroll for 2012-13
Payroll Manager is now ready to process payroll for the year 2012-13 (We would recommend that you finish entering your data for 2011-12 first ). To create a data file for 2012-13 click 'File-New-Create a File for next year'. Payroll Manager will then create your 2012-13 data file, carrying forward all of your existing employees, and updating their tax codes accordingly.

20 February 2012
- Email Payslips, P60s reports etc. directly from Payroll Manager
We have just added a facility whereby you can send payslips, P60s and other reports by email directly from the Payroll Manager program. To start using this new feature click on 'Tools- Email Setup' and then click the 'Help' button for more information.

14 February 2012
- P35 new layouts
Now that online filing of end-of-year returns (P35 and P14) has become compulsory, the 'old style' forms are no longer required. We have added a couple of alternative P35 layouts to the program with the aim of making these reports clearer and more useful. You can access them by clicking 'Forms-Employers Statement P35' and then selecting from the 'Layout' button at the top of the report. If you would like to comment on these new layouts or possibly suggest further improvements then please do so via our feedback form. N.B. For online filing purposes, it doesn't matter which of these layouts you choose, as the underlying code (called 'xml') sent to HMRC remains the same.

14 December 2011
- Data input / change warnings
We have added extra warnings to the program to make it more difficult for you to make accidental errors. e.g. On entering or changing an employees date of birth, Payroll Manager calculates the employees age, and asks you to confirm that this is correct. Changing the status of an addition e.g. from taxable to non-taxable produces similar warning messages.

7 November 2011
Moneysoft P60 substitute forms 2011-12 approved by HMRC
Our substitute P60 forms have again been accredited by HMRC for use for the 2011-12 tax year. This gives the option of printing P60s directly onto plain paper if you wish. You can also save them as pdf file for emailing to each employee, or print them onto HMRC official stationery if you prefer.

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