Payroll Manager New Features 

Details of recently added features and improvements to Payroll Manager can be found below. Clicking 'Help-General Help'' from the main menu in Payroll Manager enables you to search for more information on how to set up and use each new feature.

November 2014
4 digit payment reference on P30

When making payments to HMRC you need to use your 13 character Accounts Office reference which Payroll Manager automatically includes on P30 reports. If you are making a late or early payment to HMRC then you should add an extra 4 digits to this reference, which informs HMRC which tax month the payment relates to. If you wish Payroll Manager to add these digits for you click 'Tools - Setup' from the main menu in Payroll Manager and tick the box marked 'Add 4-digit date to HMRC paying-in reference'

November 2014
Backup reminders

It is important to make regular backups of your payroll data in case anything should happen to your computer. If you wish, you can set Payroll Manager to remind you to do this via messages within the software itself. Click 'Tools - Setup' and set the 'Prompt me to back up every..'option to the reminder frequency of your choice.

To make a backup copy of your data click 'File - Utilities - Backup / Restore' and select the appropriate option.

November 2014
Auto Enrolment upload files

Payroll Manager is able to produce 'upload files' to communicate auto enrolment pension data to some of the major pension providers. Currently the software supports NEST, NOW pensions, The Peoples Pension, Friends Life, Royal London, Scottish Widows and Workers Pension Trust. If you have specific requirements for other pension schemes then please get in touch with us.

October 2014
Minimum wage employees

The national minimum wage rate is dependent on an employees age. Currently an employees minimum rate increase when he or she reaches the age of 18 or 21. Payroll Manager is able to 'warn' if an employee reaches the age of 18 or 21 in any particular pay period by displaying a red warning message at the bottom of the Pay Details screen. To turn these warning message on click 'Employer - Employer Details - Tax Office' and tick the box marked 'Min. Wage age warnings'.

NOTE: The software does not check that the employee is actually being paid at the minimum rate, it simply warns that an employee is reaching the age of 18 or 21. It is down to the user to ensure that the correct rate of pay is applied.

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